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Hillco Technologies
Hillco Technologies specializes in developing and manufacturing performance improvement products for today's large combines. This Model 2890H Hillside delivers full hillside leveling performance to the New Holland CR9070 combine. 
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is a growing job shop that does tooling, prototype, and production work. They fabricated this Custom Helicopter Transport Trailer. 

The American Manufacturer Network Mission is to promote and enhance profitability of USA based manufacturers by addressing the needs of the manufacturing community in areas of new markets, supply chain, advanced technologies, workforce, and exporting.

American Manufacturer Network, Inc. is a 501 (c)(6) nonprofit corporation. 

News and Events

Idaho - Advancing Aviation
Manufacturing Expo and Conference Get prepared for new markets and new technologies. Expand your business in the growing Aerospace Industry. READ MORE

Fear, Frenzy and the Birth of an Industry at GE's 3-D Printing Lab
GE will begin printing injectors for the LEAP jet engine in 2016 and ramp up to about 35,000 per year just four years after that. It is the biggest and most ambitious additive manufacturing project ever undertaken by anyone in the industry. READ MORE

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market (UAV) Worth $114.7B by 2023
Global UAV market size can be expected to grow to $8,351.11 million by 2018. (HALE/MALE/SUAV) Market has the highest business potential throughout the study period whereas USA and Israel will be the maximum revenue generator, among the countries manufacturing UAV's. SPUAV (Solar Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) will be one of the major technological advances in the near future and General Atomics Aeronautical Sytems is the leader in UAV market with 18.78% of the market share. READ MORE


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